— VINO —


We offer a wide selection of wines with different kinds of character, to be combined with different moments and dishes.
We believe that a glass of wine should foremost be pleasant and tasty, in order to achieve this we invest a lot of time in selecting new wines and constantly taste the new vintages of our current selection, making sure we serve you the expected quality.
Therefore our selection is not big and might change frequently, but our wines will always bring the excitement and pleasure that you are looking for.

Our main focus is on organic wines from small and artisan producers from the Meditteranean area, because it matches greatly with our
Mediteranean style of food. But we also have a few exceptions that are too good to deny.

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Address: Veenkade 1 // The Hague // The Netherlands
Call: +31614662394
E-mail: dolcevita@grapesandolives.nl